Sunday, 5 April 2015

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Now we need to accept that Internet Marketing is the best way to do Business. While doing traditional style business in India, people are not accepting to do internet marketing. They just belive on their own traditional practices. But analysis is saying something different.

Now new business place is on Internet, In 2005-6 around 6% of the population of Indian were using internet for their own need. Now in 2014-15 around 26 to 30% people are on internet. 5 times more people coming online in India. This is meant that people are coming internet not for whats up or Facebook. Also they are started to buy / shop online. Mobile Recharges, Local Search Engines Lead Business, Interactive Software buy is going on.

Webprint Solution is one of the best company trying to achieve a good business buy this online trend. Webprint Solution is also offers other people to join to do online business via Search Engines like, Society Software, Billing Software.

Webprint Solution is partner with Google, calls Google Engage Partner Program. By this program webprint solution resells Google products like Google apps email service, Google cloud service. Google Pay Per Click Management ( PPC ) , Search Engine Optimization. Social Media Optimization

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New Trends in Web Designing that is Bootstarp Technology

Hello Everybody,

Long time i was waiting to write something on my blog. Today i will write for Bootstrap Technology. 

Webprint Solution is very excited to do Bootstrap Technology from so many months. Initially we are not bale to adopt to such technology due to its new trend. But now we loved this technology. We are working on this technology like anything. By Bootstrap you can do Responsive Designs which are really AWESOME, you may not believe with my next comment, " Bootstrap will be the best technology in future".

Responsive Designs means which a re really compatible with mobiles, tabs, i phones, i pads, computers, laptops with good view and with all features working.

Why Bootstrap ?

1) Its Responsive
2) Compatible to All Mobile Phones & Browsers
3) Very user friendly to Android, Java, Windows Phones
4) Minimum Efforts
5) Embedded Versions / Technology
6) Easy to Learn
7) It works like a Mobile Apps

Webprint Solution making responsive website and Bootstrap websites at affordable price, please do contact us on our website

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