Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Web Designing Must be Search Engine Friendly

Web Designing Must be Search Engine Friendly -

Website is not only creating a structure or color combination. Website must have good search engine friendly structure and also need good color combinations.
  1. Everyone must have quality content in website
  2. Good images or photographs
  3. Good grammar and phrases in content
  4. Internal Linking
  5. Alt tags
  6. Title tags
  7. Quality Keywords
  8. Enquiry forms
  9. Google Analytic
  10. Webmaster tool
  11. At least 10-15 HTML pages
  12. Limited use of Flash and heavy scripts
  13. Light weight pages
  14. Easy to download
  15. Organized linking
If your website is Search Engine Friendly then only you can able to reach to  entire world. If your website is not following above points then may be your website will not be able to rank in Search Engines.

Our clients always appreciates us for our efforts on website, because most of our websites are ranked in search engines.

So believe us and try this in your website & revert back to us. Or if you want any kind of help you can Contact us. by clicking Contact us link.

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    1. Thank you sir, will post more about SEO & How it works.

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