Saturday, 20 July 2013

Process of website designing and development - 4) HTMLCoding ?

Hello Everybody,

Again I am here to share you something about HTML Coding in Web Designing Process.

What is meaning & full form of HTML ?

H - Hyper
T- Text
M - Markup
L - Language

Hyper Text Markup Language - HTML.

HTML is a language, this is world's first language for website designing. You may also say this is a basic language. Everyone needs to have embed the dynamic code in HTML codes or tags.

HTML Starting with < > this sign & Ending with this code < />. Here i am showing you few tags.

1) <body> </body>
Above tag is very essential while opening the language

2) <head> </head>
This tag is using before <body> tag

3) <table> </table>
This is very useful while setting the structure of website in columns & rows

4) <tr> </tr> & <td> </td>
This is row tag & column tag

5) <div> </div>
Now days people are using division (div) tags for structure & everything

6) <style> </style>
style tags is very useful to give class & alignment for website structure.

And there are many more tags in HTML Language, which you can learn from institutes & HTML training websites.

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