Saturday, 20 July 2013

Process of website designing and development - 5) Programming ?

5) What is Programming ?

In common thought Program means which we are setting up before & running it on after. In Information Technology Program is a main factor. Without Programming there is very difficult to interact with each other.

Programming is a huge logic set up by software engineers or programmers. For an example our human body is also following same logic. If you want to drink a water you are picking up the glass and drinking the water. But as in view of Programmer, brain commands hand to pick up the Glass & then hand picking up the Glass & then again brain asking whether water is hot or cold or clean or dirty & if everything is safe brain allows Hand to drink the water. Means its a huge understanding & programming between Human Body & Brain. Human Body Programming is setup in Brain. Just like that computer programmer creating data base in SQL or MySQL like Brain & giving command to Website coding.

In short Programming playing a  great role in Website Development. Code & controls are embedding in HTML Tag. 

There are several languages of programming but majority are using Dot Net, PHP, JSP.

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